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Choir Summer Camp, 2017

by Luke Shackleton

In January we had our first annual camp at Willow Park in Eastern Beach, Auckland.

Choir camp is one of the many fun choir activities that we do in the Auckland boys’ choir. We have two camps per year, a summer camp that consists of around 4-5 days of hard work, learning the new repertoire and meeting the other boys and the new boys. Winter camp is usually held on a long weekend, and this is when we learn most of our sacred work, in time for our annual tour. During the time at choir camp, as well as learning our new songs, there are lots of fun activities to partake in, such as evening activities, in which we play some mind bobbling games, and we learn more about the other members. During free time there are lots of activities to do at our camp, and this time is a time where we all have fun together and learn more about each other. We even got to go swimming in the sea. At the camp, we have duties do carry out during the day; these are done by cabin groups.

It was great fun at the camp getting to know the new boys and it was such a great environment to feel relaxed and learn all the new songs. The adults even have fun too (I think!). It is one of the numerous highlights of Auckland Boys’ Choir and we all had a really great time

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