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Head Chorister: Tejas Lamb


Deputy Head Chorister: Luke Shackleton

Hi, my name is Luke and this is my third year in the Auckland Boys Choir. I joined so I could sing with other boys, our school choir was just girls and me! We have lots of fun (Mr Weightman would probably say too much fun sometimes!), at practice and at our camps where we learn new songs and get to have time off together to socialise. The annual tour is also great fun, we get to see other areas in NZ, meet lots of new people, sing in some beautiful places and have fun (again!). Our songs are a mixture of religious and normal so we can perform according to where we are – sometimes we are in the cathedral and sometimes the town hall so different audiences like to hear different things. I would definitely recommend coming along to the choir if you love to sing too.
Auckland Boys Choir - Section Leader: Luke Shackleton

Section Leader: Joseph Bahoo

Section Leader: Liam Harper

Section Leader: Matthew Young

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