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Head Chorister: Euan McDougall

Hello, my name is Euan McDougall, and I was assigned as Head Chorister of Auckland Boys Choir last year. Before that I was a section leader.

I have been in the choir for 6 years and have enjoyed every moment since I joined as a wee boy (not much has changed there!). My love of singing has grown throughout my time in the choir and we get a really broad perspective on songs of all ages and types.

Choir is also great socially, we form strong bonds and I think the friendships will last a lifetime. We have tours every year that are my highlights where we perform for audiences around New Zealand, bringing joy to their hearts and sometimes tears to their eyes. We also have two camps each year to learn new skills and new songs, and have lots of fun together.

I plan to continue singing after I leave the choir and will never forget the great times I have had performing songs I grew to know and love, with great friends.

Euan McDougall - Head Chorister

Deputy Head Chorister: Gregory Williams

Hi, I’m Gregory. I’m 13 (as of writing), and I’ve been in the choir since summer camp when I was 9. I am currently in the position of section leader.

What’s really kept me here, is the camps and tours, and the general sense of belonging. There are usually two camps a year, and one tour as well as performances dotted throughout the terms.. At the camps, we work on new music and really get into the right state of mind for the year. Tours are generally our way of sharing our work with everyone, and we go to a different place each year, touring through schools, retirement homes, and really anywhere which will host us. Every year, we cap off the tours with a trip to the hotpools closest to our location.

In my time in the choir, I’ve learnt how to be a great me, as well as share the spotlight and work as a team. All of choir is great fun, and it’s quite hard to pinpoint what it is that I enjoy the most. All I can say is, I love choir, and I hope you will too.


Section Leader: Felix Nicholls

Hi I’m Felix and I’ve been in the choir since I was 11 and I have stayed for two years so far. We have done lots of hard work in my time. At first I was being trained to be a chorister but now I’m training the new boys as their section leader. It’s a great experience to be singing at such a high standard. In the choir we are taught the finer points of singing that count even more than a great voice. We go on tours across New Zealand every year and sometimes even different countries, performing in cathedrals and schools. I’ve had so many great experiences that I wouldn’t have had without the boys and our organizers. There is a big scene of belonging with people who have similar interests to you and we are a great bunch of hard working boys.
Felix Nicholls

Section Leader : Luke Shackleton

Hi, my name is Luke and this is my third year in the Auckland Boys Choir. I joined so I could sing with other boys, our school choir was just girls and me! We have lots of fun (Mr Weightman would probably say too much fun sometimes!), at practice and at our camps where we learn new songs and get to have time off together to socialise. The annual tour is also great fun, we get to see other areas in NZ, meet lots of new people, sing in some beautiful places and have fun (again!). Our songs are a mixture of religious and normal so we can perform according to where we are – sometimes we are in the cathedral and sometimes the town hall so different audiences like to hear different things. I would definitely recommend coming along to the choir if you love to sing too.
Auckland Boys Choir - Section Leader: Luke Shackleton

Section Leader : Luca Mazzaschi

Hello, my name is Luca and I am 14 years old. I have been singing in Auckland Boys Choir for two years now and am really enjoying it. I have made some very good friends and we have loads of fun at rehearsals, at camp, and on tour. I have been singing all my life and I love it. I still remember when Mr. Weightman asked me to come to my first rehearsal after hearing me sing at Church. I came out of that rehearsal thinking I have to come back. There is a great balance between theory, learning songs and performances. This is my first year as Section Leader and as such I am responsible for supporting the new and younger members of our choir. This is something that I am really proud of and happy to have achieved.
Luca Mazzaschi - Section Leader Auckland Boys Choir

Section Leader : William Russell

Hi, my name is William. I have been a member of the choir since 2013, when i was 9, making this my 5th full year. Being part of the choir has really helped my confidence grow. Throughout my time in the choir I have had some incredible experiences., from going to Dunedin in 2015 to singing with the NZSO in 2016. The places we perform in are amazing as well, from schools to cathedrals all around the country. But my favourite part of the choir by far is the bonds that you create with other boys.
Auckland Boys Choir - Section Leader: William Russell

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