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Chorister’s uniforms consist of the following items, most of which are supplied by the choir:

Uniform 1
• White nehru collar shirt
• Black long trousers (not supplied)
• Black leather belt (not supplied)

Uniform 2
• Red cassock
• White ruff (for Church Services)

Uniform 3
• Red branded polo short
• Blue sweat shirt
• Smart blue jeans (not supplied) or black long trousers (Uniform 1)

All boys must wear black leather shoes and black socks with Uniforms 1 and 2, supplied by the family. Clean, smart sneakers or others shoes can be worn with Uniform 3.

Casual clothing is allowed at the weekly rehearsals, unless notified otherwise.

Each chorister is awarded an Auckland Boys’ Choir medal after a year as a probationer. At this point, the boys become full choristers.

Medals are worn during performances, with Uniforms 1 and 2.

Different coloured ribbons signify each boy’s position in the choir – most choristers have a blue ribbon. Section Leaders have a red ribbon, the Deputy Head Chorister has a silver ribbon and the Head Chorister a gold ribbon.

Click here for more information about the uniform.

Auckland Boys Choir - Uniform

Auckland Boys Choir - Uniform

Auckland Boys Choir - Uniform

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