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Head Chorister: Archie Robinson

Hi, I’m Archie and I am the Head Chorister for the wonderful Auckland Boys’ Choir.

I have been in it for three years. The Auckland Boys’ Choir has provided great musical education and opportunities for me and my fellow choir members, and lots of fun camps, tours, performances, and workshops.


Deputy Head Chorister: Samuel Wong

Hi, I’m Samuel. I have been in the Choir for five years now and I have my role as Deputy Head Chorister.

The Auckland Boys’ Choir provides great musical education and opportunities to go on camps, tours, and performances every year. Over five years, I have made many friends and had lifetime experiences.

The conductor and pianist have both helped me out since I have been in the Choir. Our motto is: work hard, play hard.


Section Leader: Bradley Hong

Hi, my name is Bradley and I’m a Section Leader of the Choir and I’m going to tell you why I think you should join the Choir.

Firstly, it’s fun because you get to sing a variety of different songs, some being silly some being sacred, and many more. You get heaps of opportunities to sing at places and have fun,

Secondly, sometimes you get to perform in front of a lot of people. This may be nerve-wracking but when you come off the stage knowing you’ve done your best, you get a great sense of pride that nobody can take away from you!

Lastly, every year you get to go on two camps! A summer camp and a winter camp. There is yummy food provided to you there and it’s really fun to play with a lot of your friends and learn songs for the year. Also, there are tours you can go to and visit your old schools, and miss a day of school yourself!

Thank you, I hope this inspired you to join the Auckland Boys’ Choir!

Charities registration number: CC36528