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Head Chorister: Liam Harper

Hello, I am Liam, the current head chorister of the Auckland Boys Choir.

I joined the choir 8 years ago because I love singing and over that time I’ve made some great friends and met some really cool people. The reason I joined the choir was because my school choir was made up of only girls and it has been a unique experience singing with boys (but a very good one). We have many concerts in Auckland in a range of settings and thanks to our repertoire we can perform wherever we are asked to.

Once a year we also go on tour to a part of New Zealand. This is very cool and a great experience that I would recommend. My years in Auckland Boys Choir have been the best -it’s been an amazing experience and learning curve. I love this choir and hopefully you will too.

Auckland Boys Choir Head Chorister 2020 - Liam Harper

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