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Head Chorister: Joseph Bahoo

Hi there, I’m Joseph, the current head chorister of the Auckland Boys’ Choir.

I joined the choir in 2016 as I wanted to participate in a choir besides my primary school one, and by joining the Auckland Boys’ Choir, have made some really good friends, met many talented people, and have taken part in multiple concerts and tours.

Our concerts are mainly based in Auckland, but are in a range of settings. Thanks to our wide range of repertoire from Secular to Sacred Music, we are able to perform and cater to every concert.

In addition to this, the Auckland Boys’ Choir also take part in an annual tour, going to multiple places mainly around New Zealand. In these tours, we gain a great experience of not only just singing, but of making a bunch of new friends and  memories.

Overall, being in the Auckland Boys’ Choir is an amazing experience one can’t miss. We hope that you join the choir and find it extremely enjoyable!

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